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Industrial Clamp

A supplier of industrial clamps was referred to Diamond Engineering for design and manufacturing support for a special-purpose cable clamp.

The Problem

The client was supplying multiple clamp types to support attachment to different sizes of beams. The company wanted to eliminate this diversity with a single clamp compatible with different beam sizes, but lacked in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes for metal fixings. They turned to Diamond Engineering with a design requirement encompassing all the best features of other industrial clamps on the market.

The Solution

Diamond Engineering designed a multi-purpose clamp for different beam sizes incorporating the best characteristics of other models, amalgamating them in a way that enhanced utility and functionality. Advice on an optimal manufacturing process and cost reduction options led to a decision to outsource final manufacturing to a qualified supplier in China.

Telecommunications Cable Clamp

The Outcome

  • A single, multi-use clamp incorporating all the functionality and effectiveness of other industrial clamps.
  • Replacement of different clamp types with a single model facilitated larger volume production at reduced cost for the client.
  • The client reduced both the variety of components held in inventory and associated stock wastage.

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