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The Dearman Engine

The Dearman Engine, is a novel piston engine, powered by the expansion of liquid air, whose exhaust is clean cold air. Because it extracts both power and cold from the same unit of 'fuel' the Dearman Engine can serve as a highly efficient transport refrigeration unit.


Diamond Engineering and Peter Dearman had worked in collaboration on a number of products over the years.

The Problem:

The Dearman Engine Company had already partnered with Ricardo UK, but needed to manufacture a running engine, on a tight timescale in time to present to shareholders, prospective investors and technical experts.

The Solution:

  • Diamond interpreted and debugged the initial design
  • Advised on appropriate surface finishes
  • Sourced appropriate exotic metals, such as EN40 steel with nitride coating, HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) Steel and Bronze
  • Turning, milling, honing, threading, finishing of components
  • Fitting of components
  • CAM Making

The Outcome:

  • Whole project was delivered within the tight and crucial timescale and The Dearman Engine Company were able to successfully present the engine to shareholders, prospective investors and technical experts.
  • Debugging of design at Diamond allowed a functional engine to be produced at the first attempt and cost and time savings to be made because of no need for multiple prototypes or engineers to redesign the concept.
  • Diamond's in house quality control saved expense and time of customer checking procedure and ensured Dearman Engine Company were able to pitch to potential investors and shareholders.
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