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Unimed Portable Resuscitator

The Unimed Portable Resuscitator was the result of collaboration between Diamond Engineering and a client with an unrealised concept for a hand-portable oxygen resuscitator and ventilator.

The Problem

Key stipulations for the device were easy portability and compactness: Light enough, and small enough to fit on a face mask, and with flow regulation sensitive enough for safe use with children, whose lungs would otherwise be potentially susceptible to damage.

The Solution

Diamond Engineering met all the requirements underpinning the initial concept, designing and engineering a convenient, low-cost device that is now in use by paramedics and trained personnel in out-of-hospital environments (for example, ambulances, swimming pools and lifeboats) and situations where immediate resuscitation and ventilation can make a critical difference in life-threatening circumstances.

The Outcome

  • Diamond Engineering brought the device to market for the client by achieving the product compliance required by regulatory authorities in the medical sector.
Unimed Portable Resuscitator

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